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if you lived here.. you'd hate it too

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live in washingtonville?
then join!

we hate the place, you hate the place. why dont we share our hate for the place we've been sentenced to live in?

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1.Walking on the Sarah Wells Trail- is that even IN Washingtonville?
2. The Moffat library, especially its Tiffany glass windows- too bad the majority of their books still refer to Russia as the USSR
3.The melding of people from different cities and cultures- …mmkay…sure….whatever you say…
4. Loughran’s on St.Paddy’s Day- provided you are over 21 and/or don’t have anywhere better to get shitfaced
5. The Shwanagunks- the Shwanawhats? O the mountains…yeah…
6. Weir’s ice cream stand- I’ll give you that, ice cream makes the world go round.
7. The veterans and the support the town and village give them-sure
8. The Corner Candle Store- if you fancy spending $80 on a scarf and $100 on rhinestone earrings
9. Jeannie’s Weenies hot dog stand- o processed meat incased in intestine, you never tasted so good and were more readily available with such a nice lady...I love you
10. The village’s peaceful nature – gang wars WHAT?
11. T&M Deli, the senior hot spot- the excitement is just... overwhelming…..well, at least SOMEONE has a “hotspot”.
12. The 9/11 memorial.
13. Hitting a home run at May’s Field- can’t say I’ve ever done that before.
14. The Moodna Creek- with all the submerged rusty bicycle wheels, shopping carts, television sets, shoes, broken glass and other unknown goodies a kid could ask for!!
15. Martelli’s Soccer Shop- because if you don’t play soccer, you don’t have a life
16. F&J’s pizzeria- the real magic in this is not necessarily in the pizza but the buy 10 get 1 free coupons
17. A meaty sandwich at John’s Deli- ice cream, hotdogs, pizza and now SANDWITCHES….golly gee wiz, this town has EVERYTHING
18.The police and volunteer firefighters- perhaps the reason why the Washingtonville police department has a reaction time of 45 mins (the slowest in there area) is because they are too busy pulling over teenagers for making a rolling stop at that stop sign in stone ridge in the on a road with no other roads within 100 yards of it which serves no purpose whatsoever.
19.The Washingtonville Arts Society- we have one of those?
20. Grapefest at Brotherhood Winery and the winery in general – when squishing grapes with your feet attracts practically an entire town you really have to wonder
21. Its close to the city- define close…
22.CYO basketball- with all the rats in the concession stand
23. Choosing a piece of candy at Sweet Thoughts – type 2 diabetes never tasted so good for so cheap!
24. A drink at Tommy A’s- too bad it NO LONGER EXISTS
25. The fall foliage- as it’s brutally clear cut to make room for another 300 family development of not only affordable but completely identical houses which our schools have no room for
26. Historic houses such as Denning House- historic yay! Now give us something to do besides vegetate in front of our computers all day writing lists like this.
27. A gift at Apples and Such- or any other of our 3 useless little pretty things stores
28. Antique shops-
29. The different architecture in all the churches- the very reason people FLOCK to Washingtonville, or not..
30. The various clubs that raise money for charity.
31. The cow bell that rings for the kids to switch classes at the middle school- that thing was a cowbell? I was too miserable to remember
32. The beautiful Washingtonville Middle School, which used to house kindergarten to grade 12- now it is a hellish prison housing evil, sadistic, and self righteous little basterds grades 6-8.
33. A meal at the Riverside Bar and Restaurant- 10 out of 50 of these reasons involve food, because that is all we have.
34. Moffat Library’s free Jazz festivals- all 3 which all of 20 people showed up for
35. The parades- because wakeing up early to see ROTC kids marching … boy do I regret missing that for the last 18 years..
36. The Victorian houses- all 5 of them
37. Cruising down Round Hill Road- only to have a deer slam into that nice new Honda Civic with the rims, hydraulics and fancy exhaust pipe that some kid’s mother bought them and having them slam into your car.
38. The hockey rink built by parents at the edge of town- not all the kids with teeth missing are hicks here
39. A cup of joe at the Taste and See Café- too bad their food sucks
40. Plays at the high school- except for Pocahontas
41. Dances at the Monell Fire Engine Co.- they have those?
42. it’s a great place to raise children- severely fucked up, alcoholic, drug using, Prozac popping or at least extremely strange children or if your lucky, obsessively driven to succeed (ie. to get the hell out of here) or you could be the 1/100 who has a normal well adjusted kid.
43. Recreation programs- they try so hard *pats the recreation people on the head* that so cute, nice try
44. The center of the village during Christmas and Hanukkah- a tree and a menorah, whoop dee freaking do, at least they don’t have those annoying inflatable Santas..yet
45. The architecture of the Bank of New York- so that’s the 6th time you guys have mentioned architecture…just sayin'
46. A funky gift from the Village Emporium- if you want to call a $50 blob of glass with a flower painted on it on a string funky
47. The farms and the vast land- and the sweet smell of cow shite
48. The curves on Round Hill and Horton roads- where some jerkfaced teenager in a civic with rims, hydraulics and a sizeable dent on its side slams into you as they take those massive curves at 80 miles per hour
49. The first Round Hill school- can’t say I’ve ever seen it
50. The view of the mountains on the edge of town on the Vails Gate side- ok I’ll give you that one

thank you allyse!

if you lived here. you'd hate it too...
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